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Future features

  • Mostly implemented already: Update a published document using the exiting pickle files (i.e. faster republishing). Still needs some testing.

  • Being able to specify a freshenv setting before compiling; to allow a full compile of the document.

  • Rejecting comments is still to be handled, coupled with a web-based tool to send a reason along with the rejection email to the comment submitter.

  • Ability for reader to add notes to the document and resume adding/editing the notes when returning.

  • Allow for 3rd party search tools to be used instead of the built-in simple search: e.g., or Whoosh.

  • Add support for other distributed revision control systems (currently only Mercurial is supported). DVCS wrappers for SVN, Bazaar and Git.

  • Real-time preview of comments while the user is typing (via AJAX). E.g. see the site.

  • Comment administration interface where the comment admin can approve/reject accumulated comments in one go.

  • Add a Sphinx extension to enable a directive that generates Beamer slides inline in the RST.

  • Add inline comments as an option (e.g. see Mercurial book website).

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